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Krisi Schoellkopf | Montag, 20. Juni 2016 |

Title: The Longest Ride
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Published by: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Romance
Published on: 30 September 2014
Pages: 496
Price: 5,80 Euros (Paperback edition), 4,99 Euro (e-Book)

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Ira Levinson is in trouble. Ninety-one years old and stranded and injured after a car crash, he struggles to retain consciousness until a blurry image materializes beside him: his beloved wife Ruth, who passed away nine years ago. Urging him to hang on, she forces him to remain alert by recounting the stories of their lifetime together - how they met, the precious paintings they collected together, the dark days of WWII and its effect on them and their families. Ira knows that Ruth can't possibly be in the car with him, but he clings to her words and his memories, reliving the sorrows and everyday joys that defined their marriage.

A few miles away, at a local bull-riding event, a Wake Forest College senior's life is about to change. Recovering from a recent break-up, Sophia Danko meets a young cowboy named Luke, who bears little resemblance to the privileged frat boys she has encountered at school. Through Luke, Sophia is introduced to a world in which the stakes of survival and success, ruin and reward -- even life and death - loom large in everyday life. As she and Luke fall in love, Sophia finds herself imagining a future far removed from her plans -- a future that Luke has the power to rewrite . . . if the secret he's keeping doesn't destroy it first.

Ira and Ruth. Sophia and Luke. Two couples who have little in common, and who are separated by years and experience. Yet their lives will converge with unexpected poignancy, reminding us all that even the most difficult decisions can yield extraordinary journeys: beyond despair, beyond death, to the farthest reaches of the human heart.

My thoughts

My granny is a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks` books, so one day when I went to her place, she told me everything about the new book of his: The Longest Ride.

The next day, I grabbed a copy and started reading that very day.

This book was very different from other books I´d read so far. I don´t want to spoil anything but  ... well ... here we go.
Ira is ninety years old and mourning for his deceased wife, Ruth. He is trying so hard to find a purpose in life and when he finally does, everything goes wrong....
Sophia is a young woman, knows exactly what she wants and can´t stand things going the wrong way. Then there is Luke riding bulls, trying to help his mother and fighting his demons at the same time. Nothing is certain, in his opinion. When the two of them meet, they are above the clouds. But how are these stories linked? Can people who seem lost, still be saved?

My, where to start? I loved Ira´s and Ruth´s love story. They are lovely characters, I enjoyed reading about from page one. Sophia on the other hand, is not the type of girl I´d get along with well. She seems "too girlie" to me. Luke is a guy you´d want to be with. He is caring, nice, romantic and he is trying to do the right things. But he doesn´t know when to put an end to it, that´s something I really disliked about him.

I love Nicholas Sparks` way of telling his stories. You can feel all the emotions the characters feel, as if they were your own.

Most authors focus on an aspect, e.g. authors of Thrillers mostly focus on the excitement and the tension in their books. But even though Nicholas Sparks is an author of Romance novels, he wants the reader to be excited about turning the pages. Lots of his novels include a crime, tragedy or an incident that makes you think about life. But in this novel, I couldn´t feel any kind of excitement. There is a horrible incident but it didn´t move me as much as other books (e.g. The Last Song) did. I was disappointed, to be honest (especially about the ending, it was too predictable).


"The Longest Ride" is a good read, that´s out of the question. It makes you laugh, cry and jump of joy at the very same time. I enjoyed reading it but I think Nicholas Sparks can do better. :)

Krisi ❤

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